Iris DAO is a collectors DAO to support minority artists utilizing Web3 technology. Our Iris NFT will give you a full access to the DAO.

Our Mission

Our mission is to bring about a revolution in the issue of diversity. We focus on providing support to minority groups, offering new opportunities and platforms for self-expression.

Through this community-driven project, we envision building a new world for people from minority backgrounds in the crypto space.

Iris NFTs

What are Iris NFTs

Iris DAO is a collectors DAO to support minority artists utilizing Web3 technology.

Iris NFT grants exclusive access to the Iris Ecosystem, uniting curated collectors and artists on a mission to champion diversity.

In addition to membership to the Iris's artists and collectors community, Iris NFT holders gain access to unique experiences throughout the Iris Ecosystem.

Mint Date: Early Summer

Iris Ecosystem


Iris NFTs

Iris DAO raises funds through Iris NFTs. Our first drop, crafted by Mark, the 17-year-old 3D artist and founder of Iris DAO, will be available exclusively to selected individuals who genuinely align with our mission.


DAO Treasury

Our treasury fund will be created from the proceeds of our NFT sales. As a community, we will collectively determine how to utilize these funds to empower and uplift minority artists.


Art Acquisition Open Call

The primary application of this fund is to host Open Calls, with one open call monthly minimum, in collaboration with HUG and by extending invitations to additional partners to ensure these events are successful.


DAO Vote

Only Iris NFT holders can vote. The victor of each open call will have the honor of their artwork being acquired and incorporated into our community wallet, enriching our collective portfolio.


Drop from New artists

By burning Mark’s first drop NFT, you can obtain a new NFT crafted by a different artist. This offers ample chances to diversify your collection with works from various artists.

Artist Benefits

1. Increased Chances in Open-Calls

As an Iris NFT holder, you'll have a higher likelihood of winning our open-calls. We prioritize supporting artists who are part of our community and believe in mutual growth.

2. Exclusive Edition Drops

Own our NFT? You have a chance to get the opportunity to collaborate with Iris DAO on exclusive edition pieces, giving your work a unique platform and wider audience.

3. Artist Spotlight

Get your artwork highlighted by our team, boosting your exposure and connecting you with a broader audience.

4. Exciting Artist Opportunities

Through our extensive network, we offer opportunities for gallery exhibitions, merchandise creation, and more. We're dedicated to helping you expand your reach and showcase your talent.

Collector Benefits

1. Giveaway Opportunities

As a holder, you'll have exclusive access to giveaways featuring the incredible art we acquire. This is your chance to own pieces from a diverse group of talented artists.

2. Curation Participation

Holders can actively participate in curating and deciding which artists we invest in, playing a vital role in shaping our collection.

3. Promote Diversity

By investing in our NFTs, you're showing your support for minority groups and helping to promote diversity in the art world.

4. Voting Rights

Beyond curating artists, holding our NFT grants you access to vote on how we use our DAO treasury fund, giving you a say in our community's direction.

5. IP Library

Iris DAO will curate a diverse collection of NFTs. As an Iris holder, you may have the opportunity to utilize some of the IP rights associated with these NFTs, enabling you to share and showcase the artwork as you wish. For instance, you could use NFTs from our collection for gallery exhibitions. However, please be aware that this is subject to the artist's terms and may not apply to every piece. Permission must be obtained each time you use an NFT.

Iris Founder

The inspiration for creating this fund stems from the founder, Mark's past experiences. He started a business at the age of 13, facing criticism and hardship solely based on his age. Many doubted him, saying, "You can't do this at 13," or "It's impossible because you might make mistakes." They judged Mark solely based on his age, without acknowledging his skills.

However, Mark is not alone in experiencing such discrimination. Many individuals from minority groups face criticism based on age, gender, or other factors. Therefore, Mark initiated this project to prevent as many people as possible from undergoing similar experiences.

Mark has been conducting similar activities for about two years through Web3, supporting young people for projects aimed at overseas audiences. Last year, we've launched first NFT project, Teenage Innovators, to raise the fund and support the young artists.

  • Mark